Green Cleaning Products

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Green Cleaning Defined


Green cleaning can be defined as the use of cleaning products, tools, equipment and methods that protect the health of building occupants, lower the total cost of cleaning, and prevent environmental damage. For cleaning to be 'green', the products must effectively remove pollutants and pathogens from the building without introducing new risks to occupants. Green cleaning methods are extremely important to ensure the products, tools, and equipment are used properly.


Green cleaning also lowers the total cost to clean by reducing waste, saving water, and/or conserving energy. Finally, green cleaning must consider the fate of the chemicals and materials used during the process. Disposal and recycling of those materials must not harm the environment. This holistic approach protects the environment and the health of cleaning staff, building occupants, and others upstream and downstream of where cleaning occurs. 


Diversey provides many products that are third party certified due to their favorable profile. Here are some of the certifications Diversey uses: 

  • Green Seal
  • UL Environment
  • USDA (BioPreferred)
  • EPA (Safer Choice)


Not all 'green products' are certified however. Diversey offers many other products with excellent safety and environmental profiles that are not third party certified. Safe products that save water, conserve energy, and prevent waste are also 'green'.


Combined with our portfolio of green cleaning products, applicators, procedures, training and written policies, Diversey can contribute toward earning one prerequisite and up to six points for LEED EBOM Certification.