Open Plant Cleaning

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OPC Chemistry, Equipment, Engineering and Optimization


Cleaning your production facility to the required level to reach food safety standards impacts production time, labor and utility costs.


Through many years of helping food and beverage processors, Diversey has found that 65% of the cost of OPC in the average food processing plant is attributed to labor and time. Establishing the right open plant cleaning regime can unlock up to 30% or more of the cleaning time and resource requirement.


Selecting the Correct OPC System for your Facility


You can have consistent high hygiene standards and food safety that meets your customer’s expectations whilst increasing your production time and yield. You just need to implement the correct OPC system for your facility and product.


Using Diversey OPC products and equipment, you will benefit from our expertise and an extensive range of foam and gel sanitizers to offer the right environmental cleaning of contact surfaces, equipment externals and utensils with proven efficacy against bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses.


Our OPC equipment range will enable you to release available production time by reducing the cleaning window without endangering your high-quality standards.