Conveyor Lubrication

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Wet, Dry and Semi-dry Conveyor Lubrication Solutions to Optimize your Packaging Lines


The overall operating efficiency of a processing and packaging line in the food and beverage industry relies on steady product traffic flow between the high-value pieces of equipment such as fillers and packers. Conveyor lubrication is used to reduce friction between the conveyor belt and the containers to enable traffic flow and encourage throughput.


Increasing production demands put additional pressure on your conveyor system, often resulting in higher running costs and increased downtime for older systems. In our experience, efficient lubrication of the conveyor system has been shown to reduce the volume of fallen and damaged packs significantly – by 30% in recent examples, equating to a $70k saving for one brewery canning line.


Using the wide range of Diversey conveyor lubricants and systems, you can optimize your line efficiency, reduce line stoppages, extend the life of conveyor components and improve safety in the production hall. Our structured approach based on technology and expertise provides enhanced lubrication and hygiene, resulting in a safer workplace and your operational efficiency.


The optimal solution for your process may be a combination of wet, semi-dry and dry lubrication technology - our track treatment application specialists can audit your lines and propose the best solution to meet your production targets.